There is Something about African Safari that makes you forget about your troubles and feel as if you’ve consumed half a bottle of champagne, gushing over with deep thanks for being alive… 

Bespoke journeys, tailored just for you

We are passionate about traveling, exploring, sharing African experiences, and collaborating with outstanding people and organizations to deliver unique and unforgettable adventures. 

Our local Travel experts will listen to you and then advise and coach you throughout the preparation of your African vacation leveraging their expertise and local knowledge.

The Team

If travel and tale-telling go hand-in-hand, then our specialists are most certainly in the proper line of work. They have resided in our destinations and spent considerable time exploring. Their stories are our inspiration. 

Their expertise is the foundation for planning your ideal vacation, and they will be eager to hear all about it when you return. Here is a portion of our incredible crew.


Business Development Manager


African Safari Concierge


Safari Planner & Manager


PR & Marketing - Netherlands


PR & Marketing - Spain


German/Spanish Guide


Expert Guide


Expert Safari Guide

How We Work

Tell us about your African Trip

To begin, provide us with a rough itinerary, activities, dates, and the number of travelers on your trip.

We will call you

Our initial conversation's purpose is to get to know you. We will inquire about your travel style, previous travel destinations, personal interests, and anticipated budget for your trip. We'll both have a better sense of what you want to accomplish once we've gone through this process.

Chat with a Safari Concierge

Our safari specialist will flexibly continue to work with you to retrieve the missing facts from the hazy plan you gave.

Craft your African Experience

At this step, we will start filtering down the hundreds of safari lodges or motels you might pick from. We'll go over how many nights you should spend at each place and why, as well as the activities available in each.

We talk about flights, the best method to get in and out of each destination (our objective is to move you from one region to the next fast,) which may involve spending a little more on the most direct route, giving you more game viewing time! When we've narrowed it down, you'll hear from us within one to two days with a full detailed itinerary including what we discussed and your recommended trip cost.

Add in Personalised details

After we have agreed on the destination you want to visit, we request further details to make the trip suit your expectation. We offer you our unique views and suggestions since we realize that it is the little detail that will make your safari perfect.

After all of the information is in place, we will confirm your lodgings and need a trip deposit of 40% of the total safari price, with gorilla permits, chimp permits, and golden monkey permits paid in full for early reservations.

Final payment is due 45 days before departure, and you will be emailed an invoice prior to that date.

Fine tune your experience

We will continue to fine-tune your trip, such as arranging dinner reservations or scheduling additional excursions or activities; that is what we are here for, and we will adjust until you are completely delighted with your safari.

Prepare for your Safari Experience

Within 20 days, Of receiving your deposit and confirming your trip, we will send you a preparation Package that will include your detailed itinerary, packing list, etc.

We will provide you your final itinerary, contact details (phone numbers of our contacts who will be taking care of you along the trip, emergency contacts, and our after-hours numbers) two weeks before your departure, E-tickets, and copies of this information for your friends and family.

Explore Africa

Tambula bulungi / Safari Njema / Urugyendo rwiza / Bon Voyage
We wish you a safe journey!

We will check in on you along the route to verify that everything is in order and that your safari runs as planned. If you need anything during your safari, we advise you to employ our safari guide, who will be with you the entire trip, and if you need a senior/management, we are only a phone call away and will assist you as quickly as possible.

We'd love to hear everything about your safari when you get back! Your candid feedback is what allows us to continue to improve our service and strive to be the best.

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So many client's trust us, so should you 🙂

Attention to detail, impact travel, professionalism, honesty, devotion, and compassion are the primary values that fortify the business approach of Friendly Gorillas Safaris.

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